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Video Alert: 4 Big Insurance Companies Compared
December 9, 2011 This is an amazing video made by Dr. Jim Humphries of the Veterinary News Network. Its an amazing story of Tucker, a 3 year old Great Dane. Tucker eventually...

Pet Insurance Fraud up Over 400%!
November 25, 2011 Pet insurance fraud has risen over 400% in England according to the Association of British Insurers. In some cases this means pets...

1st Offering: Capital BlueCross Pet Insurance
November 11, 2011 Capital BlueCross pet insurance is now available to many people who live in Pennsylvania. In fact according to the company they are...

Pet Insurance Misconception #1: I'll Wait Till My Pet Gets Older
October 28, 2011 Topping our list at the number one misconception of pet insurance is that many people believe that waiting to get pet insurance until their pet gets older...

Wal-Mart vs. Veterinarians
October 15, 2011 Wal-Mart is again going after small business owners, this time in the form of veterinary clinics. Wal-Mart, who is the largest seller...

Pet Insurance Misconceptions #2: Its Pet Insurance or Nothing
September 30, 2011 At #2 on our list of pet insurance misconceptions is that some people don't realize that there are other options besides pet insurance...

7 Senior Dog Care Tips
September 16, 2011 With September being Senior Pet Wellness Month, today we'll talk about 7 ways that you can give better senior dog care. 1. Twice...

Pet Insurance Misconception #3: I'll Wait Till I Need it
September 2, 2011 At #3 on our list of common pet insurance misconceptions is that some people think that they can wait and buy pet insurance once their...

Dog Plastic Surgery on the Rise
August 21, 2011 Dog plastic surgery is on the rise in the UK, according to PetPlan, the largest pet insurance company in England. They claim that they...

Pet Insurance Misconception #4: It Covers Everything
August 5, 2011 Continuing our series on common pet insurance misconceptions is #4, in that some people think it covers everything that your pet would...

Does My Dog Need the Red Rock Biologics Rattlesnake Vaccine?
July 17, 2011 Red Rock Biologics estimates that 150,000 cats and dogs are bitten by venomous snakes every year. And most of these accidents happen during...

Pet Insurance Misconception #5: I Don't Need It
July 3, 2011 At #5 on our list of common pet insurance misconceptions is that many people believe that they don't need it. Unfortunately for many people...

Average Dog Bite Claim is $26,616
June 19, 2011 According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average dog bite claim last year was $26,616. They also said that the number of dog...

Pet Insurance Misconception #6: It's Too Complicated
June 5, 2011 Another common misconception about pet insurance is that it is too complicated. Many people feel that filling out all the forms and trying...

Veterinarian Charged With Prescription Fraud
May 22, 2011 In Bradenton, FL, a veterinarian was charged this week with giving a woman prescriptions for drugs knowing that he knew were for her use...

Pet Insurance Misconception #7: It Doesn't Cover Anything
May 8, 2011 At #7 on our list of common misconceptions about pet insurance is the fact that many people think that it doesn't cover anything, or doesn't...

The 9 Most Common Skin Tumors of Dogs
April 24, 2011 Finding a skin tumor on your dog is quite common, and in most cases these can be removed by your veterinarian easily because most are benign....

Pet Insurance Misconception #8: Its Too Expensive
April 3, 2011 This week continues our series on common misconceptions about pet insurance. At #8 on our list is the common misbelief that pet insurance...

Pet Insurance Misconception #9: My Vet Doesn't Accept Pet Insurance
March 27, 2011 Continuing our series on common misconceptions about pet insurance . At #9 on our list is the common mis-belief that your veterinarian ...

Pet Health Inc. Joins Best Friends Animal Society
March 20, 2011 It was announced last week that the Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab, Utah was joining with Pet Health Inc. to offer the Best Friends ...

Pet Insurance Misconception #10: Veterinarian Files the Paperwork
March 13, 2011 This week we start our series on common misconceptions about pet insurance. At #10 on our list is the common misbelief that like human ...

Texas Dog Owners Furious Over Proposed Mandated Dog Insurance
February 22, 2011 Many Texas dog owners are upset at House Bill 998. This bill, introduced by Ruth Jones McClendon, D-Texas, would require people who ...

Boxer Dogs Affected Most by Pet Heart Disease
February 13, 2011 Last week, Trupanion pet insurance company revealed a list of the cat and dog breeds that are affected most by pet heart disease. If ...

Medivet America Pet Stem Cell Kit
January 1, 2011 The Medivet America Pet Stem Cell Kit is the first in-house system of its kind available for veterinarians. Before the release of this ...

The Latest Pet Insurance Related News

Read these important posts find out what is happening!

Baltimore Dog Owners Barking Mad at City 
November 15, 2010 Recently Baltimore approved a law that set up dog leash violation fines and created a plan for creating more legal pet parks and extended …

Poll: How Much Would You Spend on Your Pet? 
September 26, 2010 How much is your pet worth? Put another way, how much would you spend on your pet? The knee-jerk reaction for many pet owners is as …

5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds To Insure 
September 23, 2010 Recently one of the leading pet insurance companies, Trupanion released some figures on what they claim are the most expensive dog …

Pet Insurance Misconception #5: I Don't Need It 
July 3, 2011 At #5 on our list of common pet insurance misconceptions is that many people believe that they don't need it. Unfortunately for many people …

Average Dog Bite Claim is $26,616 
June 19, 2011 According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average dog bite claim last year was $26,616. They also said that the number of dog …

Veterinarian Charged With Prescription Fraud 
May 22, 2011 In Bradenton, FL, a veterinarian was charged this week with giving a woman prescriptions for drugs knowing that he knew were for her use …

Top 10 Pet Insurance Articles of 2010 
December 25, 2010 The year is almost over and it is once again time to reflect on the changes 2010 has brought. One thing I like to do is to review what …

Pet Eat the Strangest Things 
December 19, 2010 Jellyfish tops the list among the strangest things eaten by pets in 2010. VPI Insurance released a list of interesting insurance claims …

Pet Insurance for Christmas 
December 11, 2010 Trying to figure out the perfect give someone that has everything. Why not give the gift of pet insurance for Christmas? It might …

Pet Insurance Claims Rise 10% from Last Year 
December 4, 2010 According to Trupanion, one of the largest pet insurance companies in the United States, the average size of pet insurance claims has …

What is a Pet Trust? 
November 8, 2010 A pet trust is a legal agreement to give care for a pet right after its owner passes away. A pet trust falls under trust law and is one …

Should I See a Veterinary Specialist? 
Many people wonder if they should see a veterinary specialist for their pet's problems. In this post I'm going to go over some situations where it might …

5 Most Expensive Cat Breeds to Insure 
Trupanion Pet Insurance company released information last week on what are the most expensive cat breeds when it comes to filing pet insurance claims. …

Fascinating Roles that Veterinary Technicians Play 
October 11, 2010 If you haven't heard already, this week is National Veterinary Technician Week. This week we celebrate veterinary technicians. Vet …

More People Have Pet Insurance then Health Insurance 
October 4, 2010 Tesco, one of the leaders in the UK for pet insurance, recently did a survey that found that most people care more about their pet's health …

Allianz Pet Insurance Has 40% of UK Market 
September 30, 2010 UK-based Allianz has 40% of the pet insurance market in the UK. This comes from the latest report published by You Gov, which is a …

PurinaCare Now Covers Pets in All 50 States 
September 19, 2010 PurinaCare recently announced that it was approved in Florida to sell pet insurance there. With this approval PurinaCare can now sell …

Consumer Reports Investigates Pet Insurance 
September 16, 2010 Consumer Reports is investigating pet insurance. Recently the Consumer Reports Money Adviser newsletter compared nine different plans …

As a veterinarian I wanted to create a website where pet owners could research available plans and read pet insurance reviews all in one place.

Nothing seems to cause more frustration or confusion for pet owners than trying to figure out which pet insurance plan is right for them.

While I hope this website provides all the information you need to make an informed decision, ultimately the choice up to you.


Compare Pet Insurance Plans relies on people like you to provide feedback for others. On this website you'll find many areas to leave your review comments: Pet Insurance Reviews

Available Plans

I have also provide a complete listing of all dog and cat plans by price to make it easier to match plans with what you are willing to spend. To see these plans visit Dog Insurance Plans and Cat Insurance Plans

Claim Forms

Also I collected the links to all the form claims you could ever need and put them all here: Claim Forms. All of them are listed alphabetically by company name.


Today's pet owner has a lot more choices than just a few years ago. On this website you can compare pet insurance plans from many different companies.

Remember, you should take your time when looking for a pet policy and try and get at least three quotes and compare them before buying a plan for your pet.


I have answered several of the most important questions I get asked about pet insurance on this site as well. The most common two are "Should I Get Pet Insurance" and "Is Pet Insurance Worth It?"

Making the choice to buy a policy is a personal financial decision that most financial planners and veterinarians disagree on.

What I do know is that the quality of the plans offered and the prices have improved a lot, even over just the last 5 years.


Getting a pet policy is not for everyone, which is why I also include several alternative choices on this website. Beside buy a policy you could just create a "pet savings plan" or buy a Wellness Plan, like those offered by PetSmart. PetAssure is another company that has a good alternative to pet insurance that you might want to check out.


Although 90% of this site is dedicated to pet insurance, I have included information on homeowner's policies and dog bite insurance.

Also if you have a pet related business you need to look into getting yourself protected from lawsuits.


Not all policies are offered in every state, which I why I created this section at Compare Pet Insurance Plans to help you determine which policies are available in your area.


Some breeds cost more to insure than others due to genetic conditions. I have tried to list common disease conditions in these breeds that may be reasons why these dogs are more expensive to insure.

Also some dog breeds are called "dangerous" and it is often hard to get a homeowner's policy for these dogs. For some of these dogs on the list read: Dangerous Dog Insurance.


Thanks for visiting Compare Pet Insurance Plans, and I hope this site can give you some useful information. If you have suggestions for improvements, please let me know.

Dog Insurance Comparison Chart
Use this dog insurance comparison chart to help make choosing a dog insurance policy easier. Whether you are choosing dog or puppy insurance, the listed companies can provide you with the policy...
Cat Insurance Comparison Chart
Use this cat insurance comparison chart to help make choosing a dog insurance policy easier. Whether you are choosing cat or kitten insurance, the listed companies can provide you with the policy...
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